Training Services at Triple T Labs
                                                      WHAT TO EXPECT

Please keep in mind that all dogs are different in their ability to learn.  We recommend
starting your youngster at 5 to 6 months of age.  You and your dog will benefit greatly from
an early start.  The earlier you get started imprinting good habits....  The less likely your pup
will begin developing bad ones.  

We believe a customized approach in your dog's training program will nesure maximum fun,
success, and enthusiasm for both you and your dog.  All of our training programs can be
modified to fit you and your dog's personality and specific needs.  Not all dogs will follow
the agenda set out in our training program.  This okay, we understand and have non problem
individualizing any training process.

We encourage you to call or email to schedule a visit during training sessions often as you

We let you know with all honesty how your dog is progressing.  You and your dog will be
treated fairly and with the utmost respect at all times.  

Remember, while the training outline is the same for each canine, the method and pace may
differ based on the dog's temperament, socialization, and ability to learn.

We limit the number of dogs we train at one time so that we can ensure that we are giving
all of our dog's quality training time.
Tyler Hall is now offering training services at Triple T Retrievers.  Tyler previously
has trained several dogs for our kennels including his dog, Cash, who acquired his
HR title at 11 months and his CH at 18 months.  
Tyler now wants to offer his services to other dog owners.

Call Tyler at 662-800-9445 for more information.
Here is a quick outline of our Hunt Test Retriever Training Process
All dogs progress differently, therefore, the time it takes to train any dog may vary.

Basic Obedience (1-2 Months)

1.  Sit
2.  Come
3.  Heel
4.  Steady

Junior Hunter  (2-3 months)

1.  Obedience (SIT, HERE, HEEL)
2.  Collar Conditioning
3.  Force Fetch
4.  Marking Drills (Walking Singles, Single off Multiple Guns)
5.  Land and Water

A dog that completes our Junior Hunter will be a productive retriever in the field and will be capable of passing an
AKC Junior or UKC Started Hunt Test.

Senior Hunter (4-5 Months of additional training)

1.  3 hand casting
2.  Force to Pile
3.  Double T
4.  3 Leg Pattern Blinds (Land)
5.  Swim-By and Cheating Singles
6.  3 Leg Pattern Blinds (Water)
7.  Wagon Wheel Lining Drills
8.  Marking Drills (Simple Doubles)
9.  Steadiness Drills
10.  Honoring

Your dog will be eligible for the Senior/Seasioned Hunter Program after completion of our Junior/Starter Hunter
program.  At this time handling and lining drills are introduced, as well as more advanced marking concepts.  A
Senior/ Seasoned Hunter should be steady and capable of completing double retrieves on land and water along
with running simple blind retrieves through the use of whistle commands and hand signals.  Dogs that complete this
program will be able to run simple cold blinds and compete in an AKC Senior or UKC Seasoned Hunt Test.

Master Hunter (a minimum of 12 months total)

1.  Advanced Pattern Blinds (No-No Drills, Blind Drills)
2.  Diversions Birds and Poison Birds
3.  Marks and Blinds Combined
4.  Advanced Marking Drills (Hidden and Retired Guns)
5.  Advanced Blinds
6.  Marks, Marks, and More Marks (Singles, Doubles, Triples, and Quads)

Call for pricing for obedience training.

Hunter Training:  $
500 a Month (Price of ducks will be dog owners' responsibility)

Prices only reflect training.  Any dog food, wormer or vet services that are required will be at the dog owner's
Tyler with Cash after winning his
SHR title at 6 months.  Tyler and
Cash went on to acquire his HR
title before Cash was 1 year old.
Tyler with Zero, Ace and Gunner
after their first SHR pass.