Dear Denise,

I am attaching a picture of Buck I took with my kids
(Mekayla, Alyssa, and Colton). The picture will be
inserted in their yearbook this year for school. Buck
has to be one of the most intelligent dogs I have
ever had. He is a great retriever and learns new
commands quickly. He will stay in a it position until
called out, loves to play and retrieve, and loves
birds and is not leery of a gun. The kids like to show
him off at school. He goes with me most every day
and has even been shown off in my son's first grade
class for show and tell. Colton showed his class
how Buck can sit and not eat a treat left in front of
him, shake, and give high five. Thank you so much
for sending our family Buck. He arrived on time and
was so clean.

Friends from California,
The Melo Family

Buck is 9 weeks old in this picture.


Just wanted to drop you all a line to say Marley
is such a joy!  Thank you for this wonderful
little pup!  She is gorgegous and has such a
cute personality!  I'm getting ready to take her
out to play--again!!  We are having a great time!

Talk to you soon!
Dear Denise,

Hello, it's been a very long time since we have
emailed.   I hope things are going well with you and your

The pups are beautiful and wonderful!  We love them
with all of our hearts.   They are fantastic and we could
never be able to say enough good things about them.

Holli and Belle are the perfect pair.  They love each
other so much.  They are so happy and they play night
and day.   They are very smart.  

Here is a picture of beautiful Belle.  Joe  will have
pictures of Holli as he finds the cds that he lost. I was
lucky to have this one.  We lost another computer and
our photos with it.

Belle is incredible isn't she, she knows it, we think  :)

We still can't believe we were so lucky to get your two
girls.  Everyone loves them and thinks they are
incredible too.  Of course that is because they are!!!  
They are the best babies and we are so very happy to
have them

Hi guys,

I though I would update you on Cooper's 4 month

I have gotten a ton of compliments on him.  I
even go to a family owned pet store that has
been in business for years and they said Cooper
is better looking than 90% of the labs that come
in.  I have had a lot of people ask where I got him

He has an appetite like a horse.  He will eat
anything and everything.  When we are outside
his nose is to the ground in search of his next

Thanks again. I am having a blast with him

Danny and Cooper
Review posted on PuppyFind:

Awesome Breeder!!!
Denise is so helpful and very nice!! She
answered all my questions and some. You will
not regret dealing with this breeder. Check out
there website. It shows they love there dogs and
love what they do. I will recommend them to
everyone I know that is wanting a lab of there
Ericka  May 13, 2008
Casey, Maryland
Cooper, North Carolina
Belle, Florida
Marley, Florida
Marley was a runt in
Mandi's 2008 litter!
Buck, California
Haley, from Cleveland,