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Abbigail is a gorgeous addition
to our kennels.  She weighs
about 55 pounds and has a
great laid back personality.  She
loves children and all that
attention they give her..
Abbi is a gorgeous 75 pound female.  
She has produced some gorgeous
pups.  She has a great personality,
loves to retrieve and has a
great disposition.  
Gracie is a female out of Ace and Abbigail.  
Gracie is a 65 pound female with great
personality and laid back disposition.  She
throws beautiful white puppies.  
This is Avery.  She is a puppy from a Jake
and Jersey litter.  She weighs 70 pounds
and  loves the water and loves to retrieve.  
She is very active and energetic.  
She is a great addition to our kennels.  
Dolly is a pup out of Jake and Abbi. She
weighs 70 pounds and loves to retrieve with
great drive andhas a pleasing disposition.  
She produces gorgeous, big white pups.
Faith is a female pup out of
Polo and Jersey.  Faith weighs
65 pounds.  She throws
gorgeous white puppies.
Jessie is a pup off of Jersey and
Dude.  She weighs 70 pounds
and we expect her to throw
gorgeous white pups.  Look for
her puppies in 2018.  Pictures
coming soon
Bree is a pup off of Abbi and
Dude.  She weighs 75 pounds.  
We are excited about the look
she is bringing to our kennels.  
Look for her puppies in 2018.  
Pictures coming soon.