Triple T Labs is now set up to accept credit cards online.  If you
decide to pay using this feature, please note that there is an
additional charge of 3% per item.  

You may chose to pay just your deposit to hold a puppy. Please
note that deposits are NONREFUNDABLE.  You may wish to
pay the full balance up front to avoid paying  the 3% paypal

You could also mail your check to us at our mailing address, 155
Hwy 9W Bruce, Ms 38915.  Please keep in mind that puppies
are chosen in the order deposits are received.  Keeping that in
mind,paying online would be faster.

Below is a list of choices for checkout:
We do NOT accept echecks unless you allow 14
days for it to clear.
We at Triple T Labs want to thank you for your
purchase and we look forward to meeting you and
placing one of our puppies in your home.
Last updated NOVEMBER 17, 2013
LAB PUPPY  (DEPOSIT $300)  $310.00
As Of January 2016, puppies will be sold for
$1500.00 with limited registration.
LAB PUPPY  (Purchase Price of $1500)  $1545.00
LAB PUPPY  (Remaining Balance of $1200)  $1236.00.00
LAB PUPPY  (Remaining Balance of $1800)  $1855.00
Payment plus Paypal 3% charge.
LAB PUPPY PURCHASE  ( $1000.00)  $1030.00
Full Registration Bree/Rip
Remaining Balance $2200
plus PayPal fee ($2266)